Approved File Formats and Programs: PC Format

Raster Images

Adobe Photoshop - .psd 200 - 300dpi at full Print size.

TIFF - 150 - 200dpi at full Print size. 300dpi at half Print size

JPEG - 200 - 300dpi at full Print size

Adobe Acrobat - .pdf Full Print size recommended.

Vector Based

Adobe Illustrator - .ai All text must be converted to curves before sending.

EPS - All text must be converted to curves before sending.

If the artwork/design does not look crisp and clear on your screen at full print
size. It will look even worse when printed.

Things to remember when designing:

1. Microsoft Word is not a design program. If your logo or design is in Microsoft Word,
please send it to us we will see if it will print clearly.

2. RGB is the preferred color format in the screenprinting business.

3. You will lose some small detail when your t-shirts are printed. So make sure everything is clear and legible.

If in doubt Please contact us. We will gladly give you advice at no charge.


Our goal is to give you an excellent printed product and that begins with excellent artwork.

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