RaZor Printing

General Information

Razor printing is based in London UK, our aim is to screen print quality clothing at an affordable price, we print for bands, clubs, events, individuals etc.

Screen printing is the best and most durable method of getting your image / logo onto a t shirt etc.

The screens, you need one silk screen for each colour or design, so if you have a one colour design you need to pay for just one screen, two colour design then two screens, one colour design but front and back print you will need two screens and so on, we keep the screens for 9 months so if you reorder the same design in the future you don't need to pay for another screen, there is no limit to the amount of shirts than can be printed with a screen, after 9 months to remake the screen will be half price.

We do quality screen prints onto a wide range of garments from most top manufactures such as Fruit of the Loom, Haynes, Gildan, Jerzees, Mantis etc.

Garments, Tshirts, hooded tops, fashion tops, sweat shirts, hoddies, polo shirts, knickers, baseball shirts etc

Minimum Order, there is a minimum order of 20 garments due to the time involved in setting up the screens etc.

Delivery, we can arrange delivery, postage or pick up.

Design and artwork service, if you need us to create artwork for you we can do this, we have a lot of experience in design and graphic design.

Fast turn around normally you should receive your goods within 7 days of completing your order.

Ordering is simple and secure, can be done over the phone or on line, you can pay with bank transfer, via Pay Pal or by cheque.



What t shirt printing method do you use?
Screen-printing, using professional 4-colour manual carousels we prefer the higher degree of control and image quality afforded by manual carousels.

My design has more than one colour - how does that affect the price?
Each extra colour requires one extra screen, and one extra print per shirt.

I want a back print on my t shirt as well as a front print - how does that affect the price?
Again, this requires one extra screen (per colour) and one extra print (per colour) per shirt.

Can you print on the sleeve?
Yes, we can do sleeve prints.

Can you print in odd positions - round the side, or at the bottom corner, for example?
Yes, as long as the print doesn't fall within 2cm of a seam.

What print colours are available?

We mix colours specifically for each job, and can work to Pantone references if required (within reasonable tolerances.)Glitter, metallic inks also available.

What is a "screen", and why do I need one?
The screen is the stencil through which ink travels en route to becoming your printed design on the t shirt. It's made of a fine mesh, onto which your image is exposed so that ink can only pass through the design and not through the rest of the screen.

If I re-order more t shirts, do I have to pay for the screen(s) again?
As long as your order is for at least 25 items using the screen(s), no; we re-make them free of charge at any time.

Do I get to keep the screen when the job is done?

No, what you are paying for is the for the artwork to be made to size, a film to be made from that artwork and to have that image burnt onto a screen, you also get the use of that screen for as long you are a customer.

Can I have individual names, numbers or phrases on each t shirt?
Yes, but this is done using heat-press transfers which vary in price from £2 to £4 per transfer

T Shirts

Which brands of t shirt do you supply?
We supply a wide range of brands, including Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Mantis, Hanes, Jerzees, Starworld, Continental, American Apparel, and many others.

Which brand do you recommend?
For most t-shirts jobs, we recommend Fruit of the Loom or Gildan, our "standard" band t-shirt is Fruit of the Loom American Heavy, which represents a great combination of quality and value.

Can I get fitted "girly" shirts?
Yes, we can supply many different fitted in a variety of brands.

What t shirt colours are available?
Different brands are available in different colour ranges, please ask.

Can I mix t-shirts and other garments in one order?
Yes; you can mix garment types, colours and sizes however you like without affecting the unit prices.

What garments other than t-shirts do you supply?
Vests, sweats, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, workwear, fleeces, underwear, caps, bags, jackets, sportswear…

Do your t shirts come from ethically responsible sources?
We only source from suppliers with a published and independently verified ethical policy, supporting workers' welfare unions, local wage regulations, and the complete prohibition of forced labour (including child labour.)

What's the cheapest t-shirt you supply?
The Fruit of the Loom Full Cut may be adequate for promotional jobs but not recommended for merchandise.

What's the smallest number of t shirts I can order?
I depends on the complexity of the job, multi screen jobs do require a minimum order being placed


How do I get my artwork to you?
Email or CD is preferable, but we can scan from hard-copy at a push.

What format should I send the artwork in?
We can work from most graphics formats; .psd, tiff or .jpg at 300dpi or higher (at actual print size) normally does the trick.

My artwork is a bit rough - can you help?
Depending how bad it is, we can usually clean up low-resolution artwork to get something printable, but it's always preferable for you to send a good high-resolution file if possible.

My design is just text - can you lay it out for me?
As long as we have the font, yes.

What's the biggest image size you can print?
Approximately 35cm wide by 50cm high.

Can I send you hard-copy artwork?
Yes, although we prefer to work from computer file if possible (especially if your hard-copy is bigger than A4.)

How long would it take to print my shirts?
Turnaround time depends on the size and complexity of your order; if you have a specific deadline, please contact us as soon as you can so that we can confirm whether there may be any problem meeting it. We can usually hit tight deadlines.


How do you deliver my shirts?
We use Parcel Force for all deliveries.

What does delivery cost?
Depending on size of order, £12 for 25 shirts to £30 for 100 shirts next day.

Can I collect from you, to save the delivery charge?
Yes you can. If you want to collect outside of normal business hours (8am-5pm Monday-Friday) we can arrange this as long as we have enough notice.

Where are you based?
In Holloway London, England.

Is there a minimum Order?
There is a minimum order of 25 garments due to the time involved in setting up the screens etc.

My band is on tour - if we run out of shirts, how quickly can you get more to us?
As long as you give us the tour schedule in advance, we can try to turn re-orders around within a matter of a few days (often even quicker than that - the key is to make sure that we make a plan in advance and keep your screens "live" and appropriate shirts in stock.) We can discuss this prior to your initial order.

How come your prices are so low - what's the catch?

We offer exceptional print quality at fair prices; many print companies don't want to print less than a few hundred shirts, so they set much higher prices for smaller batches, but we specialise in working with small bands and other lower-volume clients. The only catch is that we're extremely popular, so our turnaround time is occasionally longer than we'd like (but still much lower than most other companies.)

How can I be sure of the quality of your work?
We are fiercely proud of our reputation for the highest quality printing; we believe that our reputation speaks for itself, but if you've had a grim experience with another printer and are reluctant to take anything for granted, please check out our gallery page.

What payment methods do you accept?
Pay Pal, cheque, bank transfer, cash, and credit card payments through Pay Pal.

Do I have to pay up-front?
Yes, we do prefer this if at all possible


What is your return policy?

Any faulty or damaged garments with no sign of wear must be returned within two weeks for replacement and you will not be charged for postage. We are not responsible for damage caused by misuse or poor care of products.

Any Questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@razoruk.com

Above all, enjoy your purchase and come back soon as we are constantly updating our services.

Razor Printing Warlter Close, Holloway, London, N7 6PH Tel 0207 6070004